Kimmi’s Platform

  1. Water is our most precious resource. Kimmi will advocate for our rights to beneficially use water in eastern Colorado. She will not sanction the federal government’s efforts to control how Colorado uses its water.
  2. Taxes and regulations weaken economic activity and undermine economic opportunities. In 2015, Kimmi successfully led an effort to prevent the unlawful establishment of a special district in Bent County. She will continue to prevent the growth of government and taxation in eastern Colorado, and she will work to lower existing taxes and cut spending.
  3. Expanded gun rights and the proper care of our veterans are no-brainers. Kimmi will defend our rights to lawfully bear arms and will pay special attention to the admirable men and women who have served our country.
  4. Agriculture is eastern Colorado’s most vital industry. As a livestock producer, Kimmi realizes that the standard of living in our communities is directly tied to the profitability of our farms and ranches. Kimmi will be a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable voice for our agricultural industry.
  5. High speed internet means enhanced efficiency for many businesses and a higher quality of life for rural Americans, which equals an improved economy. Kimmi understands that faster internet also provides for improved healthcare services. Kimmi will support the extension of broadband to the rural areas of eastern Colorado.
  6. Educating our children and providing better opportunities for our youth are some of our most important responsibilities. Kimmi is concerned about federal overreach and the ideas plaguing public education. She will support educational efforts and funding that are in the best interests of our children’s futures, our teachers, and our country.
  7. A fundamental interdependence exists between our liberty and our right to privately use and enjoy our property. Kimmi understands that private property rights are the bedrock of this country. She will stand with our Forefathers by continuing to protect our private property rights and our heritage.