Ken Buck (R), United States Congressman (CO-4)


“Dear neighbor,


Only we know what we mean by Colorado values. Most elected officials in Washington, D.C. and at the Capitol in Denver, have it all wrong and think bigger government and greater intrusion in our personal lives is acceptable. Not for me, and hopefully not for you, and certainly not for Kimmi Lewis who is your grassroots conservative representative in State House District 64.


Republican Kimmi Lewis is a Constitutional conservative, a dedicated family woman and a small business rancher. She has proven to be a strong voice for Colorado values in the state legislature, that’s why I’m proud to continue to support her in her reelection for State House.


Ordinarily, most Congressmen would not weigh in on a State House Republican seat, but Kimmi Lewis is not your ordinary representative. Never wanting to run for office herself, Kimmi Lewis has spent her adult life raising a family, running her cattle ranch, and volunteering her time to maintain our way of life in Eastern Colorado.


But with government spending and abuse of power becoming out of control, Kimmi Lewis has answered the call to serve the way all great patriots do – with a sense of duty to do what’s right for our neighbors and to stand up against abusive government.


Kimmi Lewis is a voice for regular citizens like us who play by the rules, pay our taxes, and never even consider taking advantage of other people. For me and for Kimmi Lewis, Colorado values mean we have a live-and-let-live respect for others (even if we disagree with them) and the government’s job is to protect our God-given rights from criminals and from big-government liberals who want to control our lives.


I can attest to Kimmi Lewis’ strong character and determined leadership to help other people live free without intrusion from big-government liberals who think they know better than we do about how to run our lives.


With plenty of career politicians and former lobbyists being more than willing to run for office to keep growing government, Colorado needs an authentic grassroots conservative like Kimmi to stand up for the rest of us. Just as she has always done as a private citizen, Kimmi Lewis is standing up to the political insiders who have lost touch with the people they are supposed to be serving.


The fact is, too many politicians today talk a good game, but the proof in their voting record reveals more of the same backwards thinking that has given us record out-of-control government intrusion in our lives, jobs, and businesses.


Therefore, I ask that you do two important things to help ensure our genuine Colorado values are represented in the legislature:


1) Please vote for Kimmi Lewis in the Republican Primary election for State House district 64.


2) Please ask your friends and family to join you in voting for Kimmi Lewis because we are all in this together.


Thank you for reading my letter and for voting for Kimmi Lewis for HD 64. Your help to advance genuine Colorado values in government will be a blessing to the rest of our neighbors who also need a champion for ‘We the people’.”


Lorene Bonds, President, Colorado Independent CattleGrower’s Association

“It is with great honor that the Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association endorses Ms. Kimmi Lewis for her candidacy for Colorado House District 64.

Ms. Lewis was instrumental in starting our grass roots organization and has poured her heart into keeping us in the forefront of our industry.

Kimmi comes from a family rich in history of leadership. She is compassionate about preserving viable livelihoods for the present and future generations of our great state of Colorado. Her dedication to protect our private property rights and our independence is evident. It is with this dedication, her strong leadership skills, her common sense and her ethical values that make Kimmi Lewis the most qualified candidate.

Please join us and vote for Kimmi Lewis, a proven leader.”


Southern Colorado Livestock Association (Est. 1872)

“Southern Colorado Livestock Association (SCLA) endorses Kimmi Lewis in her bid for the position in District 64 of the Colorado House of Representatives.

Kimmi Lewis is a woman of her word who strongly believes in doing the right thing. She continues as a champion for private property rights and less government intervention in citizens’ lives.

Kimmi Lewis is a life-long rancher who knows the meaning of hard work and commitment.

SCLA gives Kimmi Lewis our endorsement.”


Charles W. Sylvester, Retired General Manager of the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo

“It is indeed an honor and pleasure to endorse Ms. Kimmi Lewis – Candidate for Representative to Colorado House District 64.

Ms. Lewis is one remarkable lady. She’s a true American who unfailingly stands up for the Constitution of the United States of America!

Kimmi is one of the strongest volunteer advocates for Property Rights I’ve ever known. She studies, researches then acts accurately on helping all people protect their Property Rights.

Ms. Lewis doesn’t let anything get in the way of getting out on the front line, speaking up in public or working into the wee hours of the morning alone.

First time I met Kimmi Lewis, was around fifteen years ago, right after she became a young widow with six children. In addition to raising her children and running the ranch, she continued steadfast work on Property Rights.

So busy helping others, Kimmi even told cancer, ‘I don’t have time for you!’ And so she endured about a month of excruciating intense cancer treatment, ‘Just to get rid of it so I wouldn’t have to mess around for a couple years!’ Even while hooked up to tubes, I heard from her sisters, ‘Kimmi still had maps laid out all over her bed so she could stay current on what was going on!’

Kimmi never asks for special attention or reimbursement of her time, gas and so on. She’s an incredible volunteer!

When Kimmi runs a meeting, it becomes a real enjoyment! She was an excellent student of Robert’s Rules of Order, and therefore applies the parliamentary rules perfectly!

As Representative of the good people in District 64, I am confident Kimmi will be the best ever. They will be very, very well represented!

She will be an excellent committee person, and it would be wise of the other committee members to elect her chairman.


Kimmi is an aggressive listener and a terrific question asker. She’ll study a topic so that she’s able to ask the pertinent questions. She digs for the truth and facts and verifies everything!

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals in my life. Trust me. Kimmi Lewis is a standout!

Please vote for Kimmi Lewis for Representative of Colorado House District 64. You’ll be doing ALL Coloradans a great service! Thank you.”


C.J. Hadley, Founder and Publisher of Range Magazine

“Good luck with the campaign. You’ll be terrific! Then run for president.”


Southeast Colorado Private Property Rights Council

“As a founding member of Southeast Colorado Private Property Rights Council, Kimmi Lewis of Kim, Las Animas County, CO, was instrumental in organizing the opposition to the Canyons & Plains National Heritage Area in Southeast Colorado. Kimmi’s leadership inspired others to join the fight to preserve private property rights, ensure the sanctity of local sovereignty and inspired locally elected officials to oversee land use policy and economic development.

While leading the fight against further federal government expansion in Southeast Colorado, Kimmi also battled and won against cancer. In Kimmi’s absence while undergoing treatment, others stepped in to follow her lead to inform the public and raise public awareness of the adverse effects of a National Heritage Area in the region. This public outreach and media campaign resulted in constituents informing County Commissioners of their opposition to the NHA. As a result of this effort the Boards of County Commissioners passed resolutions against the Canyons & Plains National Heritage Area. Without Lewis’ inspiring leadership there might well have been a very different result.

Kimmi Lewis has also been a leader in the struggle to prevent the expansion of Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site. Kimmi has demonstrated leadership in, knowledge of, and devoted concern for Southeastern Colorado. Furthermore, Lewis’ broad contacts across Colorado and beyond through her work for the Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association make her an ideal candidate for rural oriented Colorado House District 64. Therefore, be it now known that Southeast Colorado Private Property Rights Council endorses Kimmi Lewis for Colorado House District 64.”


Marvin Hasser, Rancher, Handsprings Ranch, Hasty, Colorado

“I’m an old rancher and cowpuncher from Bent County Colorado. Kimmi Lewis grew up on a ranch a few miles west of our ranch. Folks, I didn’t go to college, don’t’ know much about politics, but I do know a honest, sincere, hard working, genuine person when I see one, and Kimmi is exactly that kind of person.

She had a fifty eight or a 78 mile trip, depending on if she left from the ranch or Ninaview to attend high school in Kim, Colorado. Kimmi Clark married Dave Lewis and they had six children. Dave passed away in 2000 leaving Kimmi a widow on a big ranch with the youngest of her six, being her twelve year old twins. The easy way out, and what many would do in her situation, would be to sell the ranch and move to town with her children. Not so for Kimmi. She had a fierce desire to keep the ranch come hell or high water so she could finish raising her children there. She knew at times things would be very discouraging and there would be many hardships. Money would be very tight with the inevitable cheap cattle prices, droughts, blizzards, etc., that all ranchers face. This woman knew all of these things and that many trying times lay ahead if she was to stay on the ranch. I’m sure at times she felt overwhelmed and lonely with no one to turn to. To show the kind of business woman she is, she was able to keep and even expand the ranch. To show she has her head on straight, in family matters: all six of her children are very successful, hard working young adults that any parents would be proud to claim.

Folks the fight that led to Kimmi’s success story with her ranch is still with her. As our representative for District 64, any issues that come up threatening our freedoms, property rights way of life, etc., she will hang on like a bulldog and fight for the right outcome for the common man and woman. She is a small town, real died in the wool American patriot, a woman who has already been fighting our battles for years, knowing her way around the capital and legislature very well. If she is elected you won’t see a vacant chair in the state legislature where our representative is supposed to sit unless it is a very, very real emergency.

I’ll quit gabbing now, but to prove I’m not blowing smoke about this woman, following are just some of the places she has already been in past years fighting for yours and my property rights, and other things all on her own money I might add: Twice to Washington D.C. for Eastern Colorado against the Pinion Canyon Maneuver Site. Speeches, 3 times at “American Stewards of Liberty”, Reno Nevada, Salt Lake, Utah and Denver. Speeches, 2 times at the Wyoming State Fair, Billings Montana, 3 times. Several speeches for the Good Neighbor Law Organization in Colorado, and southern Wyoming. She gave speeches twice in Kansas for the Kansas Natural Resources Coalition. Kimmi laughed and said she got paid for her Kansas jaunts. The above are just some of the things this woman has already been fighting for us about—sometimes coming home bone weary only to face things that have to be done and the never ending chores on a ranch.

Friends lets show our thanks, support and appreciation to this woman by making her our next rep. for district 64.”


Ron Wilson, Ret. Police Officer, Attorney, and Criminal Justice Professor

“I have been a lawyer for more years than I can count, and I know that Ms. Kimmi Lewis will do the best job any representative could possibly do. Ms. Lewis is a dedicated citizen who will work to ensure that all the citizens of Colorado are represented to the best of her ability. I know of no other person who has the dedication, drive, and tenancy to do the job she has set her sights on. I wish her, and Colorado, the very best.”


Angus McIntosh, Natural Resources Law and Policy Research Director of the Land and Water USA Foundation

“I give my highest endorsement possible for Kimmi Lewis. I have known her for fifteen years and trust her judgment and ability to serve the people of Colorado with the highest integrity and devotion to duty.”


Lisa Steed, Rancher, Lamar, Colorado

“I have to tell you that here in Prowers County I first met Kimmi Lewis as a person championing for my private property rights along with the rights of my neighbors (people she had never met, but cared about deeply nonetheless, because they were her neighbors). She has been fighting for people and representing them for a long many years before she even sought to represent them with the official title as a state representative. That tells me where her heart truly is, in the people.

Here in this southeastern corner we’ve had a champion, Kimmi Lewis, watching out for us against hidden federal encroachments that we would never have been aware of had she not brought them to light and rallied the people who would be affected to stand up for themselves and for their neighbors. Pinon Canyon Expansion is an excellent example.

I had never heard the name Tim Dore until this primary campaign, he never stood in a meeting room alongside us while we faced federal encroachments, never saw his face in the crowd, never heard his voice until he wanted a vote.

Kimmi did all of this championing for us while fighting significant health issues, taking care of family and ranching, driving on her own dime from meeting to meeting all over southeastern Colorado. I never heard a complaint out of her about being bone weary or tired or that the road was too long or too rough.

I would recognize Kimmi Lewis anywhere, she is the voice I heard in the meeting rooms bringing facts to light, because she literally stood shoulder to shoulder with her neighbors from all over Southeastern Colorado.

That is my personal experience with each of these candidates running for State Representative in District 64.”


David Roth, Attorney, Denver, Colorado

“With overwhelming enthusiasm, I received word of your candidacy for Colorado HD64 and couldn’t be more excited! Please accept my full-throttled backing for election with the enclosed check. There are very few candidates for public office I would ever endorse more vociferously than you, and I wish you absolutely nothing but success in this process. Above all else, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your campaign. I couldn’t image a stronger voice for Liberty in the halls of the Colorado State Capitol than you. – My best to you always, David Roth, Denver, CO.”


Chad Scott, Private Property Rights Committee Chairman of R-CALF USA

“As a fellow member of R-CALF USA and Chairman of the Private Property Rights Committee, I would like to lend my support to Kimmi Lewis. I believe she is one of the best freedom fighters I know. I also believe she has what it takes to hold corrupt government officials accountable.”


Phyllis Nelson, Kiowa County Farmer and Housewife

“Kimmi Lewis registered as a Republican when she turned 18 and has served in many capacities in the Republican Party since that time. She is very conservative and dedicated, honest and hardworking. She has a strong Christian background and strong family values and will serve to the best of her ability and her abilities are many. She will faithfully serve House District 64.

Kimmi Lewis is very ardent in any type of work she does, whether it be in running the ranch, following up on current issues that affect the livelihood of not only her own family ranching business, and Agriculture in general, but, that of other sectors of business and economy. She is a strong believer in people having the ability to govern their own affairs; take care of their own property without government intervention with regulations that cause hardships and are not conducive to growth and economy.

Kimmi Lews is very good at gathering the facts on issues of importance. She studies and listens to others’ views and concerns, and, because she watches and listens, she has prevented some real hard core attempts at eminent domain and taking of other properties by actions of those who have power in Colorado and in Washington DC, namely, the Department of Defense, the National Park Service, EPA and The Nature Conservancy.

Kimmi Lewis will serve ALL constituents well, as she will be a visible force in all the issues that affect each and every one of the nine counties in the State House District 64. She will be a PRESENCE at meetings and discussions, along with voting, on issues that affect the district, unlike her opponent who does not show up at many of the meetings. His voting record does not reflect an honest effort to serve ALL of House District 64; the record shows that he had a D average voting in the 2013 Session, 2014 Session, and, the 2015 Session; he now has a C- average voting in the 2016 Session, having a Primary opponent. Kimmi will have a strong voting record for which her constituents will be proud.

Tim Dore was registered as a Democrat until he registered as a Republican in December of 2009, not in 2002, as he claimed in his interview in the Kiowa County Independent. His wife changed from Unaffiliated to Republican during Tim’s 2012 campaign.

Please join me in supporting KIMMI LEWIS as your Representative in House District 64; if you have not voted yet, or, if you are Unaffiliated and would like to be represented by someone who will work for all of House District 64. Thank you.”


Bob Parker, Co-Chair of the Ozarks Property Rights Coalition

“I am proud to endorse a wonderful Colorado Ranching woman Kimmi Lewis, a champion of property rights and freedom. Kimmi ‘gets it’ and I hope she wins her race for the Colorado House of Representatives!”